Two of the greatest pressures on society today include humanity’s manipulation of the environment and the advancements in bioengineering of the human body. The first is changing the makeup of the physical spaces we occupy and the second, the very body that perceives that space.   At this intersection are the physical boundaries that define architectural space. The focus of Weathers is to integrate these two quickly advancing industries as the epicenter of architecture’s spatial, social, environmental, and ethical discourse. 


Weathers uses the design of space as a method for testing future trends, opportunities and shortcomings that can often take decades to emerge within the open market. Weathers integrates emerging technologies (from energy & bioengineering) bringing them together to create and test space. These spaces are used to determine latent potentials and trends that inform environmental, social and industry markets.

By identifying the shapes, aesthetics, and organizational implications of this ongoing trajectory, the work stimulates discussions within the general public to expand, inspire and spark the imagination while simultaneously advancing the political and environmental significance of energy and bioengineering today.